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Université Populaire de l'Uzège


Université Populaire
22 avenue de la Gare, Uzès


Fév 15 2019


19 h 00 min - 20 h 00 min


5€ pour les non adhérents

Conference GRU – Part 3 in english

Presented by Michael Tingay

Following part 3 and end …(3/3)

A hundred years ago Lenin and Trotsky centralized the clandestine work of the Red Army. In 1920s the RU (Directorat d’Intelligence) was transformed into an agency so secret, the GRU that documents and date of establishment have never been published. The Soviet Union did not acknowledge the existence of the GRU until 1964. The UPU has invited Michael Tingay, former correspondent of the Financial Times, to discuss the evolution of the GRU from Leon Trotsky to Vladimir Putin.

Tracing the roots in France of GRU penetration of OTAN

In the decade after World War One, undisclosed Russo-German military cooperation facilitated the spread of GRU activities in Germany.  Conditions in France obliged GRU officers to take a different approach to set up clandestine communications networks.  In the second of three conferences on activities of the GRU, Michael Tingay highlights Anglo-Saxon knowledge of GRU espionage in France between World War One and World War Two.


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